I stare through the plate glass window of my office onto the busy workplace on the other side.  Separating me from the floor is the large window, a pleather sofa that sits in front of the large piece of glass, and my desk.

Today is not so different than many others – I can’t help but want to grab a hand-full of papers, leap over my desk, take one step, and then spring up onto the seat of the couch before I barge head first through the glass onto the workplace in slow motion.  Halfway through the now shattered window frame, the papers in my hand are launched into the air while I proceed to release a blood-curdling howl that would do a Spartan warrior proud.

The track “Every Day is Exactly the Same” (Nine Inch Nails) would be playing in the background, and that would be it… my last day.

When did I start fantasizing in such a violent way? That’s not so important as the real question:

“How do I get to where I want to be?”

This website is the story of that journey…

…to get to that magical utopia where I am endowed with Fabio like hair and abs while I ride on a golden unicorn across a deserted beach while a scarlet sunset hovers above softly rolling waves on a deserted beach of pristine white sand. - Enjoy.

Riley Cann